$25 Annual Dues

We have no paid officers or personnel.
All of the work is done by family volunteers!

Benefits to the Organization of your dues:
  • Helps to meet the cost of researching our ancestors and all the descendants of Thomas Tolman
  • Helps in maintaining computer equipment and software
  • Helps to purchase office supplies including: paper, disks, filing cabinets, etc.
  • Helps to maintain the Research Center, which is a one of a kind center that houses all of the family records
  • Helps to cover the cost of magazine and newsletter mailings and other correspondence with family members
Benefits to individual Members for paying dues:
  • Gives you access to histories and pictures in possession of the family
  • Makes available to you assistance with research needs and questions
  • Assures you that records are organized and available on disk to download on your personal computer
  • You will receive our publications - two magazines and one newsletter
  • Provides opportunities to do ordinance work and have the peace of mind that family records are being extended and preserved for our posterity
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Individuals have already committed to donate $300 to send Loraine to England to find the origins of Thomas Tolman.

For that or any other purpose, make a donation here.

Tell us the purpose:
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... or make check to "Thomas Tolman Family Organization" and mail today to:
Thomas Tolman Family Research Center, 2937 S. Orchard Drive, Bountiful, Utah 84010