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The Thomas Tolman Family was formally organized April 8, 1903 in Bountiful, Utah at the home of Judson Tolman. Judson had called together his sons and daughters along with the sons and daughters of his two deceased brothers, Cyrus and Benjamin Hewitt Tolman. The minutes of that meeting are housed in the family center and preserved in A One Hundred Year History of the organization. We do not have a record of the original name of the organization, but in 1935 it was called and reconfirmed in 1951 as the "Nathan Tolman Family Organization" after the father of the three brothers mentioned above. At the semi-annual April 8, 1962, it became known as the Thomas Tolman Family Organization, named after the immigrant ancestor of the Tolman family who was born in 1608 in England and arrived in America in the 1630's to settle in Dorchester, Massachusetts. As far as we know all Tolmans in America descend from this Thomas Tolman.

Thomas Tolman Family Genealogy Center
2937 South Orchard Drive
Bountiful, Utah 84010

(801) 292-7745

In 1968 discussion began in family executive meetings about the need for a building where the numerous family records could be housed. At the April semi-annual meeting Robert S. Tolman was appointed as chairman of a committee to investigate properties. The first members of the committee were William O. Tolman, Harold Hofhine, Stan Jones, and Eldon M. Tolman.

By the October meeting, Robert Tolman had moved to Las Vegas for employment and LeVirl E. Tolman was asked to serve as chairman of the building committee. His brother L. Dean Tolman and L. DeVon Mecham joined the committee.

In the April 1969 semi-annual meeting LeVirl Tolman reported that the old Judson Tolman home had about 2 acres in Bountiful and 7 acres in Davis County and was to be sold between $47,000 and $58,000. LeVirl was asked to follow through on any leads.

LeVirl E. Tolman reported at the October 1970 semi-annual meeting that the Judson Tolman property, which the family have been interested in acquiring, had been sold. Other properties were considered and in April of 1973 it was announced that property was purchased at 2937 South Orchard Drive in Bountiful. William O. Tolman was offered a house at no cost if the family would move it. A foundation basement was poured and the house was moved on top of it to provide the framework for the upstairs apartment of the family center. The building committee then consisted of brothers: LeVirl E. Tolman, L. Dean Tolman, and Cyrus Marshall Tolman with secretary JoAnn E. Curtis.

The October 1975 semi-annual meeting was held in the new family center, even though there was still much work to finish on the inside. It was decided in late October of 1976 that William O. Tolman, the family genealogist, would live in the family center, so he could better oversee the genealogical research. He, his wife and one daughter moved into the upstairs apartment in early 1977.

When the Tolman Genealogy Center was dedicated July 7, 1978 it was completely finished and paid for. It was estimated that over 21,610 hours in volunteer labor and nearly $70,000 in donations from the family had been contributed. Over 1,500 family members attended the dedication of the new family genealogy center, a very unique holding for a family organization.

Construction Picture of Family Home
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