Tolman, Thomas

Birth Name Tolman, Thomas
Gramps ID I2162
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Christening 1608-12-09 England  
Burial 1690-06-00 Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States  
Death 1690-06-18 Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States  


Married Wife Tolman, Mrs. Sarah [I40561]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage about 1629 England  
  1. Tolman, Mary [I40562]
  2. Tolman, Thomas [I0145]
  3. Tolman, Sarah [I40563]
  4. Tolman, Hannah [I0157]
  5. Tolman, John [I0186]
  6. Tolman, Ruth [I0159]
  7. Tolman, Rebecca [I0158]
  LDS Ordinance
Type Date Temple Place Status Sources
sealed_to_spouse 1885-11-18 LOGAN      

Latter-Day Saints/ LDS Ordinance

Type Date Temple Place Status Sources
baptism 1885-11-17 LOGAN      
endowment 1885-11-18 LOGAN      


RESEARCH: Prior Tolman Family Genealogist from Judson and Myra Tolman Patterson to Fred & Arlene Kelly Tolman, William Odell Tolman, LoaDon Hofhine Glade, Pauline H. Christiansen and Loraine Tolman Pace.

A PERSPECTIVE by Loraine Tolman Pace: It has long been the tradition of the Tolman Family Organization that our immigrant ancestor, Thomas Tolman, was christened in 1608 in Salcombe Regis, Devonshire, England. In more recent years there has been research done that puts the Salcombe Regis scenario in question. Extensive research done by Lee Prescott Tolman suggests Thomas was born in Kingsbury Episcopi, Somerset, England. Other extensive research done by LoaDon Hofhine Glade suggests that Thomas was born in Lancaster, Lancashire, England. As the current Tolman family genealogist (2005) I feel that further research is needed. Each of these scenarios leaves several questions unanswered and some of the logic, used to draw conclusions, seems shakey. Therefore, at present I am only putting "England" for the birthplace of Thomas and Sarah and their first two children. We provide some of the documentation for your consideration, but want you to be aware that research on this family will continue as time allows. Since the records were documented by LoaDon Glade in the late 1980s to early 1990s, the family genealogy committee has come across some additional records that need to be considered.

NOTE: There has been a long-standing tradition in the Tolman family that before England, our roots were in Germany. There have been some recent contacts 2009-2012 that indicate we may need to look in neighboring areas. We will report any success as it happens. Loraine Tolman Pace-2012.

NAME: Tolman also found as Touleman, Tollman, Toleman, etc. The spelling of Touleman has been accepted because Thomas signed the Dorchester Church Covenant using that spelling.

BIOGRAPHY: Thomas Tolman came to America in the 1630s. He married Sarah in England before 1630 and had a daughter Mary, born about 1632, and a son Thomas, born about 1633, before coming to America.
We don't have exact birthdates of all the children as the records of Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts, were burnt and have been reconstructed and recompiled from peoples' memories. Thomas' Will gives the names of all of his children, as far as we know, including the daughter's married names and lists "Thomas" as his oldest son.
History of the town of Dorchester by the Dorchester Antiquarian and Historical Society; Pub. 1859, pgs. 134-135: "Thomas Tolman, a member of the Church 1638; Freeman 1640; Wife, Sarah. They had Thomas, who died 12 Sept. 1718 age 85 years; John; Sarah marr. Henry Leadbetter 18 March 1659; Rebecca marr. James Tucker; Ruth marr. Isaac Royall; Hannah born 27 (5) 1642, old style(27 August 1642)new style marr. Peter Lyon; NOTE; (this is an error as all other sources say George Lyon); Mary marr. ______ Collins of Lynn."
Thomas first settled Pine Neck and later moved to the Great Lots. He died 1690.
Report of the Record Commission of the City of Boston 1880 Page 147.
A list of land in the field or Great Lots;
Thomas Tolman, Sr. and John Tolman 44 acres
Thomas Tolman, Jr. 10 acres There are many mentions of the Tolman name in these records as they were active in town affairs.

CHRISTENING: Vital Records of Bridgewater (FHL film #016491 or FHL book #974.482/B2 V2v, vol 1, p. 317). "Tolman, Thomas. h. Sarah, bp. Dec 9. 1608, in England." (LoaDon Glade, former family genealogist feels this date is mistranscribed and should be 9 Feb 1608.)

MARRIAGE: abt. 1629 in England.

DEATH: Thomas Toleman Senr. d. 18 June 1690. Vital Records of Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts - Report of Record Commissioners of Boston, copy of original records no longer exist (FHL film #014748 or book #974.461 H2b, vol 21, p. 121). Vital Records of Bridgewater, Massachusetts to 1850, (FHL book 974.482/B2 V2v, Vol 2, p. 565 has 8 Jun 1690). Dorchester Births, Marriages, and Death to the end of 1825, (FHL US/CAN 974.46/D1 V2r), p. 121.

BURIAL: Letter to Myra Tolman Patterson, August 13, 1934 from Warren Winfield Tolman, Judge of Supreme Court State of Washington, 4th paragraph 4th line "his body was interred in the old cemetery at Upham's Corner, one of the numerous old cemeteries now kept up by the City of Boston. I there found his grave and that of his son, Thomas Tolman, second of the name and Elizabeth, his wife, when I visited there in 1911."

WILL: A photo copy of original Will at the Tolman Family Genealogy Center, Bountiful, Utah. The original Will is at the Boston Massachusetts State Archives in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts and has been seen and held by our cousin, Glen Tonge, an eighth great grandson of Thomas.

TEMPLE: Logan Temple - baptisms (FHL film #177842, p. 49), endowments (FHL film #177956, p. 256), sealing to spouse (Special Collections FHL film #178060, p. 387), This is the sealing to wives, Catherine and Angeline - 18 Nov 1885. International Genealogical Index (IGI) - sealing to spouse of Sarah is the earliest one for "Sarah" as wife - 7 Aug 1991, Las Vegas.


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    1. Tolman, Thomas
      1. Tolman, Mrs. Sarah
        1. Tolman, Mary
        2. Tolman, Thomas
        3. Tolman, Sarah
        4. Tolman, Hannah
        5. Tolman, John
        6. Tolman, Ruth
        7. Tolman, Rebecca