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  • BitTorrent Sync
    1. Download and install Resilio.
    2. Open the program and add a folder. The shared secret is this: R6HK76P7Q7B3FDC53IGT4TSMAOORJXJGI (You can place it anywhere on your computer.)
    3. Done! Now you'll always have the latest files from us. If you like, you can download our doc manager so that you'll see when there are changes to the files.
This is part of a larger effort to share family histories and other information... and that means really sharing it, such that you can make changes and let others see them, and you can see any of our future changes and accept them if you like. If this sounds interesting, click here to read more.

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Do we have to use BitTorrent Sync to subscribe to the file updates?
No. We have successfully distributed these files with other programs, but nobody is currently using them. AeroFS has been used, and has some benefits of identifying the individuals who make changes; however, you are limited to sharing with 3 people. Vuze has a rich set of features including RSS feeds and magnet URLs; however, the setup is complicated and the delivery is slow. uTorrent is also one of them (on the Mac, version 1.0.2 will not work but version 1.5.4 will), similar to Vuze.
If you want to use a program that we're not using right now, let us know (especially if you can write instructions for others to use). We'd love to publish in whatever channels will be useful to people

A note from our genealogist, just for you.

As you down load information from our website please keep in mind the following:
  • This is a work in progress and will be updated on a regular bases, at least quarterly, as we continue our research.
  • When you check the notes for documentation, you will begin to see a pattern we use regarding the "name," biographical information, birth, marriage, death, etc.
  • If there is no documentation or it is not in the basic order listed in #2, we have not worked on that individual or family yet.
  • If you have additions or corrections, please feel free to contact our genealogist, Loraine Tolman Pace.
  • Ordinance work is not to be done from this file, as we are coordinating it from the Family Organization level.
  • All of the work on this data has been accomplished by volunteers, who are descendants of Thomas Tolman.