Do you have a picture you can share with the family? Pass it along! We'd love to put it on the site, even on the front page.

Here are things you can do to enrich yourself and our organization.
Whether or not you're ready to contribute, be sure to follow what's happening!
  • Pay this year's membership. Our predecessors have given us the marvellous gifts of a building and years of work, and so today we have great genealogy resources for this family (and others). Help keep this work (and these resources) alive by scraping together and donating a small amount each year.
  • Send us your updated family information, such as current addresses and family additions (and deaths). Email addresses are very helpful, too. If your own family information is up-to-date, check on your extended family members for us. Contact Loraine to offer your help.
  • Share your pictures, histories, and other documents with us. If you bring them to the house, we can make the copies for you. Electronic copies are always welcome by email.
  • Help get more histories typed (or scanned) so we can share them on the internet.
  • Scan in birth certificates, marriage certificates, and other documents for your family. Send it to us to add to our growing genealogical documentation.
  • Write a quick history for one of your close ancestors... or for yourself. Our genealogist Loraine has ideas if you have writer's block.
  • Make an extra donation for research, maybe even for a specific project such as finding the birthplace of Thomas Tolman. Loraine can tell you how much it costs to get copies and information, especially from overseas.
  • If you do temple work, we have many family members whose work needs to be done. Contact one of the "Temple" coordinators.
  • There are infinitely many ways you could contribute your computer or internet skills, such as helping with communications or improving our website or developing better genealogy tools. In fact, as part of this nation-wide organization, you can work on a project of your own and put it up for the world to see. Our tech group is more than happy to help you along, even if you don't know how to get started. Contact us any time!
  • You probably have ideas of your own! Vote on some other suggestions or add yours. Join the Facebook group or mail us and throw out your ideas.