History Mysteries


Who am I?

I was born in Stoughton Massachusetts on May 28, 1721. I owned sheep and cattle.  In 1765, I bought 500 Acres of land in Knox County, Maine. I built and ran a Saw & Grist Mill on the outlet of Tolman Pond. I had 3 wives (not at the same time!) and 21 children. I died in 1825 at 104 years of age.


The Name's the Game!

Once named Madembetox Pond by early settlers, this body of water was also known as ______ ____ for many generations. It is now called Chickawaukee Lake.


What is the name of this boat?


Fab Vocab

The Flint-lock Muzzle Loader used in The Bog was accompanied by a PERCUSSION CAP. What is that?




He has the head of a moose, the body of a man, and the wings and feet of an eagle. What is he?


What does it mean to be STILL-HUNG? Read the story of The Bog and create your own meaning!  Then send that email to: thomas.tolmanfamily.org+tales@gmail.com

The best definitions will be revealed in the next issue!



Did You Know?

…there is a difference between a bog and a swamp?

A BOG is a quagmire covered with grass or plants.  It is similar to a marsh or moor. The ground is very wet and extremely soft.  A bog is unable to bear the weight of man. It is usually created by salt water. 

A SWAMP is created by fresh water and is found inland.  A swamp is soft spongy land with less water than a bog and can sustain the weight of man and beast. Swamps are often mowed.


Phrase Craze

What does “twitch out to a landing” mean?


Mind Bogglers

Read “The Bog” Story and see if you can answer the crossword puzzle below!